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The Art and History in Kensington and Chelsea

Best Museums in Kensington and Chelsea

Education might be a boring bit of life, but that is only related to the quality of teacher you have. If you want the best teachers in the UK to tell you about the land’s history, then you don’t need to see textbook. What you need is to see the history itself. And all the brilliant museums in the London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea allow you to do just that with its epic collection of actual pieces of history.

•    Kensington Palace

Starting with a bit of local history, the Kensington Palace will show you the home of the British Royal Family ever since the 17th century. And it offers a tour around. Now you can enter and see where the Prince and Queen keep their clothes without needing Twitter.

•    Science Museum

What do you want to know about science? This is the most important question to ask yourself before you enter this place, because this museum literally contains everything. Agriculture? Arts? Medicine? Computers? Physics? Math? The future? You name it, it has it.

•    Victoria and Albert Museum

This is an epic-level collection of decorative arts – the world’s largest one, in fact. This museum has over 4 million pieces of art: sculptures, paintings, books, metalwork, glasswork, furniture, fashion, and so on. It will mercilessly assault you with beautiful scenery and items.

•    National Army Museum

The British Army’s central museum has every single piece of military-related history to show you. You can go to see items from every era which had an army to show something from and all wars. So… practically from every year after the creation of Great Britain.

•    Natural History Museum

What exactly do you want to know about nature? Dinosaurs? Animals? Plants? Geology? Evolution? If yes, then there is a slight chance that world’s most prestigious museum of natural history might just have information about it. Go and take a look.

The London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is the perfect place to get educated about the secrets of Britain, the British Army, the British Nobility and the world’s science and natural history. Quite the diversity, right?