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Sporting Like the Jocks in Camden

Sporting and Fitness Activities in Camden

Just how big of a fan of exercises are you? And no, hopping your way to the restroom does not count, nor does the dash you make when the pizza delivery guy rings at the door. We are talking about real physical exercise, the kind that happens a bit more often than an annual sports event. If you are into that sort of things, then you should be aware of the best sport centres in Camden. If not, we’ll tell you about them anyway.

•    Kentish Town Sports Centre

Fans of swimming beware. You will wet yourselves once you hear about this huge and amazing sports centre. Well, of course you will, but you should definitely visit it either way to enjoy a fun swim or train as a professional.

•    The Armoury

This is basically gym heaven for all those who love spending hours upon hours of exercising. It has every type of gym training under the sun, and it has areas for kids and people with health problems run by Camden Council professionals.

•    Central YMCA Club

This, friends, is where all the sports people reside. This is London’s largest gym, housing every single sporting activity your imagination can handle – from dancing to swimming to personal training to sports to even classes unrelated to sports. Well... language courses have sport words, so that counts.

•    Oasis Sports Centre

Swimming pools, gym, squash courts, sauna, group exercises, cafeteria. What, still not hooked? Aerobiking virtual spinning! How’s that for a future shock you can enjoy? There are also therapeutic centres to recover from the shock in.

•    Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre

This is the place where you can exercise, have fun, rest, have a cup of coffee while you are pretending to exercise, and even watch your kids play in the cool adventure playzone the centre offers.