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Spend the Day in Lewisham

Lewisham's Top Attractions

How to spend your day in the London Borough of Lewisham? First, grow some imagination and the day will immediately get going. If you need some help stirring that newfound inspiration to self-sufficiency, here are some ideas.

•    Cafe of Good Hope

A brilliant way to start the day is with its most important meal. Have breakfast and coffee in the Cafe of Good Hope with its variety of selections of drinks, soups and other types of meal. Fill yourself with as much energy you need to start the day.

•    Mountsfield Park

Then comes the time to walk off that newfound energy! Take stroll down the paths of Mountsfield Park, a small and family-friendly green space where you can frolic about or sit down and enjoy nature without a worry in the world.

•    Horniman Museum

This museum is almost like the Natural History Museum, minus all the tourists, the size and the exhibition options. Okay, so it’s smaller, but that doesn’t necessarily mean worse. And it has musical instruments on display. And no, we don’t talk about the name.

•    Villa Moura

Mediterranean cuisine awaits you once you enter this little piece of dining heaven. Dinners here is what you should always look forward to as you will receive the best service and top notch meal options none of which you should pass out on.

•    The Dacre Arms

And, finally, we get to the place where you should end the night in. The Dacre Arms offers you everything – great company (you can provide you own), great drinks, entertainment in the form of music or comedy, or pub quizzes in which to take part of. There is no boredom here and is the perfect way to say goodbye to the day.

Lewisham has plenty to offer if you set out and look for it. Make an effort, because it is worth it one hundred percent of the time.