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Places for Respite in Enfield

Open Spaces and Parks in Enfield

When in the London Borough of Enfield, you might find yourself in need of a good place to take a walk and gather your thoughts. Luckily for you, the borough offers plenty of good parks and open spaces for your perusal... or strolling needs.

•    Grovelands Park

Let’s not fool about and start with the best. Grovelands Park was once a private estate, so it turns out that is pretty sweet to be born after it has been made available to the public. Otherwise you would have missed all the grassy areas, the trees, the ponds, and the wild birds wandering about.

•    Bush Hill Park

Yet another park that was part of an estate. How quaint were the 1800s, right? Well, now you have a wide open green space for a plenitude of walks, or maybe join some sport activities in the Tennis and Bowls Club. This park offers you art and conserved houses, and everything but a kitchen’s sink.

•    Enfield Town Park

This is maybe the ultimate tranquil place in the very heart of the borough. It is a wonderful meadow, with nary a hint of anything other than nature that surrounds you. This park has existed ever since 1902. And it contains the last surviving part of the Enfield Old Park: The New River. The ducks are probably new as well.

•    Arnos Park

This area contains woodland and grassy fields and a playground for the kids and a small brooke (the Pymmes Brook), and it is basically a great place for a wee respite and a stroll in nature. And, surprise, surprise, it is a remnant of an estate in Arnos Grove. Who would’ve thought, right?

•    Broomfield Park

Okay, this was not an estate, only a garden of a great big house. Well, close enough. Apart from the great big green field to trample all over, it has tennis courts, bowling greens, a conservatory, a playground, and a bandstand for music events. It also has lakes for you not to swim in.

Enfield can give you plenty of views to enjoy as long as you go out and look for them.