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5 Museums to Enjoy in the City of London

Explore the History of City of London

Are you a history fanatic, or do you just really, really like looking at old things? Either way, the City of London has you covered with a variety of places you can visit and stare at all you want without being considered as creepy. Here are the top 5 of them.

•    Museum of London

Over 190 archaeologists work here to find all sorts of rocks with any kind of historical value for you to marvel at. And you can trace the evolution of said rocks to today’s London setting all in one place!

•    Dr Johnson’s House

Who is Dr Johnson and why is his house important, you ask? Well, the house is one of the few surviving structures in the UK from the 1700s with plenty of local history, and Dr Johnson is a lexicographer. The latter you can Google.

•    British Red Cross Museum

Do you know how the Brits have helped the world in need out of sheer altruism? This museum will show you many documented cases and files, so hold on to your wallets or it might get you in a charitable mood.

•    Barbican Centre

This performing arts centre will give you plenty to look at, and listen as well. Enjoy theatre, music, films, books, and a cool galley with lots of pictures you won’t find on Facebook. Has food, too!

•    Bank of England Museum

Now, if you want to go all economical on the museums, you can visit the Bank of England Museum within the Bank of England where you can see its history and lots of displays of bank-related displays. And it’s free of charge! Ironic, right?