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The Biggest Fun in the Big Bromley

Things to Do in Bromley

Bromley is the biggest borough in the United Kingdom, so there should definitely be one or two places where you can really let loose, right? Of course there are. Whether you let the eyes let loose for sightseeing, or the wallet for shopping, there are quite a few locations to visit and enjoy.

•    The Glades

This shopping mall will not be ignored by any self-respecting money waster. It has everything you need and don’t need, so there will at the very least be plenty to look at. It’s not too big, but it’s big enough to welcome you and your wallet. And bring the spouse to double the fun.

•    Rambler’s Rest

After you or your spouse cashes in the weekly cheque at the Glades, you can always visit Rambler’s Rest to forget your upcoming troubles. Also, it is next to a cricket course, so you can maybe find somebody to finally spill the beans on this game’s rules.

•    The Down House

Do you want to see where Charles Darwin wrote The Origin of Species? If you do, you are in luck to be in Bromley. You can visit this wonderful place and see a real scientist’s study, or take a stroll in the lovely gardens where he contemplated on life’s biggest mysteries. This is what you need to figure out that the chicken came first, yes.

•    Crystal Palace Park

Going back in time, to the literal origin of species, you can get educated by professional paleontologists about dinosaurs and old rocks. That would be a real step back from Darwin, right? But then again, Ross was never this interesting, you can be sure of that.

Visit Bromley and check out its numerous attractions. It will not leave you disappointed, no matter how much you hate Darwin’s work.