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The 3-Step Labelling System You Should Use for Your Next Move

labelling boxes

When moving house, you dedicate a lot of your time to packing. But have you ever felt that even if you put all your effort to it, it somehow feels incomplete? Just not enough? Do you feel that something just might get lost during the house relocation? Well, there is actually a pretty simple system which you will make sure that whatever you load in your removal van will end up at your old place – or at least a sure fire system that will tell you it did. With this system, you will also see how easy it is to unpack and organise your new home once your movers get you there.

Ladies and gentlemen, here is the 3-step labelling system you want.

number removal boxes

Step 1: Number Your Boxes
Sometimes you don’t notice that a certain box is missing until you unpack everything and you realise that one thing is not where it should have been. But there is also an easy way to keep track of all the boxes while you load them and while you unload them. Simply take a marker and number the boxes! That way you will keep track of every box that goes in and out of the removal van. Keep them ordered at all times and you can be absolutely sure that what comes in will go out. You can put them in the moving van one by one, from one to however much you have, and then take them out in reverse order and voila! Everything will be accounted for.

colour coding

Step 2: Colour Your Boxes
And then you have the chaos related to the rooms to which the content of the boxes belong. Even if they are numbered, you still have to make sure that you listed which numbers go into which rooms. But that’s a really tiresome job, keeping track of all this. There is a much easier way to handle it. Simply get a box of crayons or permanent markers and put a coloured X to every box, the colour in accordance to the room it will go in. Say, red is bedroom, blue is bathroom, green is kitchen, and so on. This way you will have both the complete number of boxes, and you will know which boxes to take to which room and then deal with the unpacking.

priority signs

Step 3: Priority Signs
Speaking of unpacking, there is also the matter of priority. If you are unpacking things for the bathroom, you could go through seven boxes of bath towels, toilet paper, shampoos, and soaps before you find the tooth brush or something you will need more recently. Thus, you need a priority marker. Along with a number and colour, add a sign, a symbol, or a letter to display the priority of the box in question. Something like a big E for essential or I for important. That way you keep your essentials marked and you can unpack them first so that you can start a normal living as soon as possible and not wait until you have actually opened every single box and taken out their contents.

And there you go – it is a simple system, as simple as it gets, and it will make sure that everything is accounted for and in the checklist. You will be able to keep track of your boxes as you load them or give them to the movers, and you will be able to find if anything is missing before the movers are away. It is a sound way to keep the packing and unpacking easy and even – depending on how you like to do your marking – fun.