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Take a Trip Around Newham

Top Destinations Near Newham

Don’t worry when you find yourself stuck without a plant to go through the day in the London Borough of Newham. There are always things to do and places to visit there. You just need some directions. There are about four directions you can use, and you will probably find something to do in all of them. If this was not specific enough, then here are some more:

•    Danes Yard Kitchen

Start the day in this marvel of a place. It has brilliant staff and great meals that are all waiting to be consumed by you. Visit now and help them be eaten, they can’t just sit there all day, right? Don’t be a hater, love the food.

•    Red Door Studios

This is the borough’s official venue for arts and culture and there is a reason for that. No, we won’t tell you what the reason is. If you feel curious enough, go there and see for yourself. It has plenty of exhibitions and classes to attend to keep your attention.

•    Newham Leisure Centre

Three words: roller derby bouts. This is the place to visit to see some quality stage action. The London Rockin’ Rollers will blow your mind with their performances and showmanship. It would be a sad day when you have the chance but don’t go and see the action.

•    Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

This is a major entertainment centre to visit. It offers so many things that it should never be overlooked as an option. It has places to walk, to sit, to watch concerts, to enter sporting activities, it is a wonderful place to spend time in.

•    Black Lion

And when you are done browsing the city for entertainment and places to trample, sit down in the Black Lion pub at Plaistow and have a bowl of chips and a pint of beer. Bring your mates and have a grand time without any worry about work or the hardships of life.

Newham has a lot of options for you if you are willing to sit and think where you want to go. Settle on anything – nothing will disappoint you.