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Redbridge Time Off Activities
Activities in Redbridge

What to do in the London Borough of Redbridge? That should not be a real question you ask as the borough gives you so many things to do, places to explore, activities to take part in and events to view. If you are still bent on asking it, fine. Here are some clues which you can use in your daily seeking of fun and respite.

•    Fullwell Cross Library

This is a place to spend hours upon hours of your day. You can sit and read from the astounding assortment of books you have in this establishment. You can sit in the quiet of the seats inside, or in the now accessible garden. Do remember to return the books, though.

•    Valentines Mansion and Gardens

Surrounded by many shops is a small piece of heaven known as the Valentines Mansion. There is wildlife, a lake, places to walk about, and there is even boating! Yes, you can ride a boat on the lake about the mansion while enjoying the pretty gardens.

•    Redbridge Cycling Centre

Whether you have a skateboard or skates, or a bicycle you want to take out for a spin, this is the place to go. You will get some exercise and you will get some time for yourself. There is plenty of space for everybody, so no matter how many people come, this won’t be a cycling marathon.

•    Curry Special

If you want a great place to dine and you don’t mind spicy food, then this is the place for you. This exotic heaven of north Indian cuisine will bring you all the good dishes in a great decor where you will meet the nice staff and their fashionable attire.

•    The Cricketers

And, of course, you can end the night in a good pub, and this pub should be the Cricketers. Unlike the name, it is quite a lively pub with friendly visitors, with a good assortment of beer and wine that you should not miss out on. And get drunk, of course. Because end of the week and all.

Does this answer your question? The Redbridge borough has a variety of options for everybody willing to look for them, so be one of those people.