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Moving to London: The Cheapest Areas to Live in


There are more than a hundred reasons why the capital of the UK is a real magnet for people from different walks of life. Most people who come to London are searching for more opportunities for better life, work and education. One thing in common among all of them is the search for an affordable and convenient accommodation when they arrive in the city. Rents in London are among the priciest in the world especially in the boroughs located near the city centre. The further from the central part of London the districts are located, the more affordable the rents are.

Where are the cheapest areas for relocation to live in London? Is it possible to find an affordable apartment for rent around the city centre? The answer is, surprisingly, yes. However, you have to compromise on other factors, like quality of the accommodation and its connectivity with key public transport knots. The most popular candidates for cheap accommodation are students, families and artists, because they are paid less for their work compared to employees working in the financial field and business.

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One of the districts with the cheapest rents in London is Walworth. People living in the district can arrive at the city centre for just three minutes via train from the Elephant and Castle station. This London area is expected to grow and develop in the next years. It has its pros and cons, however if you are considering relocation to the capital, it is worth looking for a place there. Moreover you can save a lot of cash by hiring a cheap removals company to help you in the moving process. This is especially important if you are planning on moving furniture and heavy stuff to the new apartment or house. This district of London is a preferred place by students and young professionals but it is also a nice option for families who are looking for affordable lodging.

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Other attractive areas of the capital where can be found cheap rental accommodations are Peckham and Brixton. Both are less connected in terms of public transport, which is the main reason why apartments for rent in the area are affordable. The boroughs offer a good choice of lodging, so get the moving checklist ready and hire a removal and storage firm to do the heavy work.

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If these boroughs of London are your choice for living, keep in mind that the bad infrastructure in the area adds travel costs to the annual costs of living in the capital. If we compare both districts, Peckham offers worse connectivity to the main transport hubs. Brixton on the other hand is located close to the Victoria line and offers better conditions. The prices of rents in Peckham are among the cheapest in London. It is a good choice for students who need an affordable apartment or a house in the city and have the flexibility to use different means of the public transport.

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A lot of families and students who are looking for a bargain on accommodation prefer to rent in the commuter towns outside the capital. The cheapest rentals are in the towns located to the east of the city. In terms of rent prices, there is no doubt that the commuter towns offer a great choice of deals. The travel costs are higher than the costs people living in the central parts of London pay. If we do the math, both the options for finding an affordable apartment and a house for rent are similar. In the commuter towns you get more space for your money. However the travelling time and costs are higher.