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Enjoying the open spaces in Haringey

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A picnic with your family and friends in the weekend or a breath of fresh air in the end of a tiresome workday - these (and more) are the options that the parks and open spaces of Haringey offer. If you enjoy spending time on long walks in nature and you happen to be in the area, why not pay a visit to any of the parks present within it:

-    Lordship Recreation Ground - this public park has everything as it seems: tennis courts, small theatre, a lake and a river running through it. The main attraction is a model traffic area, which is essentially a scaled down road network for children to use their cycles and toy cars in.

-    Railway Fields - birch woodland occupies most of the site, making it the perfect place for natural communion. This is also the location of the Haringey Knotweed, a unique cross between the Russian vine and Japanese Knotweed. If you are after bird seeing and taking pictures of flowers, this is the place to be.

-    Queen’s Wood - one of the four ancient woods of Haringey. The Queen’s Wood Park is fit for the one seeking an adventure. There is an adventure playground and … pretty much nothing else but large diversity of fauna and flora. The best place to practice your survival in the wild skills.
-    Finsbury Park - one of the first parks to be laid out in the Victorian era. This park has a lot to offer for everyone. It features formal gardens, open grounds, mature tree-lined avenues and an arboretum of more interesting tree species.

-    Alexandra Park - if you want to know what it feels like to walk in a Green Heritage and Green Flag award winning park, then visit Alexandra Park. Not only is this a great place to unwind, but also take advantage of a weekly farmers market that is hosted within the park.

Do visit the parks and open grounds of Haringey, for they are each unique in their own way and fully capable of making you forget about the hustle and bustle of the big city.