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Step-by-Step Guide to Moving Bulky Furniture Safely

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If you are about to go through a house relocation anytime soon, chances are you may have a number of heavy and bulky furniture items you will want to move with you. However, furniture removals are a tricky task that requires some preparation, certain skills and a lot of care and attention in order to prevent any injuries or property damage along the way. Here are a few guidelines you can use to make the process of moving furniture a bit easier and a lot safer too.

Prep Work

Preparation plays a vital part in any house moving project, and the same goes for moving furniture too. Prepare the furniture pieces for the move – empty all drawers and take them out to pack them separately, disassemble larger pieces, if possible and necessary, to make handling them and carrying them through doors and down staircases easier. Wrap the edges of your wardrobes, tables and cupboards, use covers for your sofas and armchairs and make sure the furniture is well packed, protected and ready for the move ahead.

prep work
Never Do It Alone!

Moving heavy items is a two-man job at the very least, and it sometimes even requires a bigger team. Heavy and bulky objects should be handled with extra care, so that no one involved in the furniture removals gets injured and so that there is no damage to the walls, floors or staircases in either the old or the new property. You can get in a few friends to help you with the task, but if they don’t have any experience, your safest bet would be hiring a team of professional furniture movers for the job.

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Use the Proper Equipment

Moving furniture will be so much easier if you use purpose-built equipment for the task and not rely on physical strength alone for lifting and carrying the heavy items. Moving blankets, dollies, sliders, straps and many other tools can and should be used to make the move safer, faster and more efficient. You can rent the necessary equipment if you are doing the move by yourself, but if you have hired a moving company or a man with van service, you won’t need to bother with finding any equipment, as these services have all the professional tools needed for this type of work.

moving equipment
Use the Right Lifting and Carrying Techniques

There are special techniques for moving different types of furniture pieces. For instance, tall items like shelving units, dressers or cabinets should be carried by at least two people – one carrying the bottom and another one – the top. Sofas should be stood on one end in order to fit through doors and narrow corridors more easily. You should carry heavy items close to your body, as if you stretch your arms too far away from your body that will put extra strain on your back and may lead to injuries. When using shoulder dollies and lifting straps, you should make sure they are positioned properly and the weight is distributed evenly. Professional movers are well versed in these and other techniques for safe lifting and carrying of heavy furniture.

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Loading the Van and Securing Your Furniture

First of all, make sure you have a big enough vehicle to transport the furniture pieces in. Removal vans are spacious and are usually equipped with safety straps for securing their contents for the journey. When loading the van, you can make the job a bit easier by using a ramp and furniture sliders or wheelies, or special hoisting gear to load the bulky piece into the van without straining your back to lift it. Once in the van, secure each piece in place with straps so that it doesn’t move during the trip to your new house. When all the pieces are loaded and secured, you are ready to go. When unloading, use the same safety measures and techniques.

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Bulky and heavy furniture pieces should be lifted, carried and loaded with great care so that no damage is caused to the furniture or your property and so that you don’t sustain any injury. If you are not certain that you will be able to handle your furniture removals yourself, it is best not to attempt to, and instead hand the job over to an experienced removal company.