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Places to Go and Things to See in Islington

Visitor Attractions in Islington

Islington can surprise you not with just pretty parks and lively pubs, but it can also go three-dimensional and introduce you to plenty of history and meaning. It is quite the place to seek depths in as it can surprise you with a few interesting facts about itself, presented in an interesting manner.

•    Islington Museum

Starting with the classic examples of a museum, this building was remade in 2008. It currently holds a great collection relating to the London Borough of Islington’s history. It is a fairly young borough, of course, but this museum still keeps all its birth certificates and baby pictures.

•    Order of St John Museum

This is another classic museum that will present you with different historical items that relate to England’s history. Cannons, armours, paintings, and robes, you will see all sorts of clothing and weapons and artefacts from years long gone.

•    Angel Clock Tower

While you cannot enter this place, you can still marvel at it from afar. It is one of the best man-made landmarks not only in Islington, but London and the UK as well. And, surprisingly, the clock is pretty accurate, too!

•    Business Design Centre

This grand jewel houses about 100 businesses, has showrooms and exhibition halls, a conference centre, and a plenitude of offices. This is also the home of the annual London Art Fair. If you go here for business, then you know that you have finally made it.

•    George Orwell’s House

Stepping out from history and going more to the modern stalker style, in Islington you can witness a certain 20th century writer’s house. This is the place where 1984 was written or at least thought of, and you can see where a brilliant mind rested when not thinking about depressing dystopias.

For both the imaginative and unimaginative types, Islington has plenty to offer. From ancient museum displays to teach you history, to modern business venues, there will always be something to see around this marvellous borough.