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Parks and Recreation in Richmond upon Thames

Public Parks and Gardens in Richmond upon Thames

Are you a fan of long walks in nature? Do you enjoy tranquil scenery that can refresh your mind even if you look at them on a picture? Do you like spending time in open spaces with friends, family, or on a quest for solitude? Well, then you should probably go out of the house more often. Or, alternatively, visit one of the amazing Richmond upon Thames parks which you will read about below.

•    Kew

No, it’s not an unfinished word. It’s the name of the glorious palace and Royal Botanic Gardens that await for you just over a mile north-east of Richmond. You can do a real life twitter walk over King George III’s life and family and then go out and try not to get lost in the vast and lush Gardens.

•    Terrace Gardens

Do you know where £1m Richmond upon Thames money went in 2009? Why, in the complete refurbishment of the Terrace Gardens. You can come and see the spectacular views it offers and see what imagery literally worth 1 million bucks looks like.

•    Carlisile Park

If you have never seen what 22 acres of open space looks like, you can check out this amazing place of pure green grass and playgrounds. They even play cricket here – the game with the best-kept secret rules in the world.

•    Richmond Riverside

Get real up close and personal with the River Thames in this great place where you can come to sit under the hot sun during the summer or watch the crashing waves in autumn. You can also see the oldest Thames bridge in London – Richmond Bridge and dissuade yourself from not using it.

•    Home Park

And if you thought that a 22 acre playground is big, then how about the 750 acres of grassland that is Home Park? Enjoy walks, picnics, biking, or check out the conservation project going on there. And there are deer, too! And not just any deer – Henry VIII deer! Please don’t shoot the deer!