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Moving Man Advice...

Here is some sound advice and a couple of tips we build up during the times helping our very satisfied customers.

Mental attitude of moving House

Moving can be stressful, especially when you've to be out of your place in a certain time. Then the problem hits you... it's amazing just how much junk you can accumulate. But you've got to be ruthless! Go through your belongings and see what you really need and what you really use. You’ll be amazed how much of your belongings is actually only taking up space. All that old clothing and shoes, take it to Oxfam. Electronics recycle or even sell them on the Gumtree (the money can go towards the move.) or leave them on the street with a little note. Throw out any old papers, magazines and other useless crap you haven't looked at for over a year. There are a few things that should be understood before a move is attempted: Moving is hard and stressful; no matter how it is done, it's a backbreaking job that will take more time than you expected.

All round advice

Here we've got some excellent, sound advice, grounded in common sense, gleaned from the experiences of the Moving Man your man and van service:

Boxes: Getting boxes is always a problem for people because the leave it till last. This should be a priority one. You may have signed a lease or mortgage, but until you get the boxes, you're not really moving. The best places for boxes are small clothing stores and fruit and vegetable packers.

Storage: Often you'll find that you're in-between places or just want to put skis and winter clothing away for a season to get them out of the way. We recommend using one of the clean, secure rooms at The Storage Pod for the period you need extra space. Their rates are ultra-competitive and they have longer opening hours than most other operators.

Rubbish Removal: are you a very organised person or have a lot of time? Don't kid yourself about the garage sale. If you have anything valuable, an antique dealer might be interested in, call them and have them stop by. If none of them are interested then try to sell it on the web (eBay comes to mind.), if all fails either leave it on the street with a note or leave it for the garbage man.

Initial Packing: Start with books, CD or anything square. They will fill the boxes up neatly. Remember that books are very heavy so don’t put too many in a box or even better put them in the smaller boxes and leave the big ones for bigger and lighter items. Pots and pans can go in the big boxes. All those news papers lying around could be used for packing crockery and glassware. Bin liners are good for soft like in kids’ toys, duvet, pillows and even clothing.

Bedrooms: Free style your own room, but get children packing early. Bin liners are good for Duvets and pillows. Clothing could either go in suitcases or bin liners. Beds are always better to transport when broken down and take up less space. Mattresses ...Well they just go in as it is. Remember the golden rule of any furniture in your house; if it was built inside the house then the possibility of it getting out of the house is not very good. Word of advice, break it down. It will make it easier for the movers and it will save you time and money.

The Moving Van: Shop around for price and remember there are a lot of companies doing this and competition is fierce. Try to build a report with your mover and make sure there isn’t any hidden cost. Also try to get a quote via e-mail as this will support your case in case of any hidden cost. Give yourself enough time for this.