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Have a Time Out in Lambeth
Best Places to Chill Out in Lambeth

When work gets to you head you need some time to sit and cool down. You will also need a place to do it and there is no better place for that than the many parks on offer in the London Borough of Lambeth. It has quite the natural treasures to enjoy, whether sitting down in contemplation or strolling about and trying to forget what thinking feels like.

•    Clapham Common

This brilliant triangular piece of 89 hectares can provide quite the escape in nature. One walk about the place and all you will be able to think about is the pain in your feet. It has a great grass field to lie down or have a picnic, a few ponds, and even some historical sites.

•    Kennington Park

This site might have the historical fame of being a place of many executions, but you can overlook that as today it offers nothing but peaceful greenness. You can take a stroll, have a picnic, play a game of cricket if you ever figure out the rules and so on.

•    Norwood Park

Do you want to be on top of the world? Well, you can start with Norwood Park, one of the highest points in Lambeth, where you can overlook a grand part of London. And when not busy Di Caprio-ing it up, you can also check out the 30 types of trees, the playgrounds and football pitches.

•    Myatt’s Fields Park

This park is a small one compared to the most on offer, but it is a quaint Victorian place where the simplicity adds to the beauty and peace that can overtake you as soon as you step on its grounds. Take your place on a bench and read a book. Your thanks will come later.

•    Streatham Common

This Local Nature Reserve is a great open green space for walks and observing and playing cricket. No, no cricket jokes this time. There is also The Rookery, a formal garden on the place of the historic mineral wells. There you can see some pretty tree examples.

Still looking for a place to sit and think or read? Then you obviously haven’t read anything from above. Do it and make your choice.