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Enjoying Your Time in Kingston upon Thames

Things to Do in Kingston upon Thames

A trip to Kingston upon Thames can be very rewarding, but then again, so can a trip to any other place as long as you can find what to enjoy. So how does this little borough differ from the rest of the so-called ‘places to be’? Can it grab your attention for more than five minutes? Well, sure, if you are waiting on a bus or train, but that is not the point. Here is what will grab and hold your attention in place:

•    Richmond Park

This little piece of wild heaven will welcome you for hiking, jogging, biking, resting, peaceful walks, picnics, and hunting. Okay, no hunting. But you can ride a horse there!

•    Shepperton Ferry Trail

Enjoy restaurants, cafes, walks, biking, the magnificent view and even crossing the River Thames on a small ferryboat. You can pretend to be a pirate for five whole minutes!

•    Canbury Gardens

If you want to have a rest in nature, then these gardens are the place to be in. Sit down to have a picnic, enjoy a tranquil walk with a friend and marvel at the amazing garden maintenance.

•    ‘Out of Order’

What happens when Doctor Who ends up in a loop? See the hilarious ‘Out of Order’ attraction consisting of falling telephone booths and find out.

•    Thames Market

Fresh groceries, meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, spices, herbs, raw food, fast food, cooked food, all good food, and from all over the world – all in one place!